State Rep. Marcus C. Evans Jr. Appointed to Sentencing Policy Advisory Council


CHICAGO, IL - State Rep. Marcus Evans (D-Chicago) announced on Friday that he has been appointed to the Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council (SPAC), replacing retired Representative Karen Yarbrough. SPAC has the responsibility of collecting and analyzing data on sentencing policies and reviewing how policies affect the criminal justice system.

"I am honored to join the Sentencing Policy Advisory Council and I look forward to using the post as a means to improving our criminal justice system," Evans said. "My constituents have expressed the need for solutions to address both public safety concerns as well as policies that ensure a fair and transparent process. It is also important to understand that the intent of the criminal justice system should not merely be to imprison, but also to educate and rehabilitate people. If we ignore our responsibility to assist ex-offenders in their transition back into society, we are doing an injustice to everyone in our communities. Reentry and rehabilitation along with fair sentencing is vital to providing safer communities."

Evans plans to push for new comprehensive solutions to maintain fair and effective sentencing policies in Illinois. With recent cuts to Illinois' budget, Evans wants to use his position to promote efficiency along with supporting critical programs. SPAC reports directly to the Governor and the General Assembly.

"I look forward to working with the council to continue open discussions and finding real solutions that reform the Illinois criminal justice system," Evans said. "The council carries great responsibility and we must address any challenges ahead without sacrificing the rights of inmates or the dignity of the process, all while protecting taxpayer dollars," Evans said. "It is a difficult task but it is an important one to my district and I am looking forward to the challenge."