State Rep. Marcus Evans Advances Bill to Protect Residents and Environmental Health


CHICAGO, IL – In an effort to combat the harmful effects of hazardous waste and protect residents of his district, state Rep. Marcus Evans (D-Chicago) passed legislation on Thursday to stop the expansion or construction of landfills in Cook County.

"I have experienced the impact of living near a landfill firsthand growing up on the southeast side of Chicago," Evans said. "I can remember playing in parks near the facility and breathing in the unbearable odors coming from the landfill. I have friends that live near it and can't even open their windows for fresh air. I carried this legislation so that our children can play outside without having to worry about being exposed to harmful waste. I want the families that live in the surrounding communities to be able to live comfortable and healthy lives. This bill gives my constituents a voice and a chance to take back their neighborhoods."

As amended, House Bill 3881 prohibits new solid waste landfills or new sanitary landfills in a county whose population exceeds 2,000,000 and prohibits the expansion of solid waste units. The bill would be effective immediately. This legislation became necessary after a waste management company filed suit against the City of Chicago to circumvent the city's moratorium on landfill expansion, and annex parts of the southern limits of Chicago into a bordering municipality.

"As a cancer survivor, I understand the gravity of protecting residents from expanding landfills into our backyards. I would never want to sacrifice the health of the residents or the environment," Evans said. "I backed this initiative after listening to the concerns of my constituents and others on the southeast side and throughout the state. With the support of my community, I am fighting to improve our environment and safeguard our neighborhoods."