Rep. Marcus Evans Protects Working Families, Fights for Child Care Services


SPRINGFIELD, IL –State Rep. Marcus Evans (D-Chicago) is working to protect low income families by pushing legislation to restore funds to child care grants. Evans’ effort comes after news that the state must stop payments to programs that supports thousands of families throughout the state, and will not be able to continue payments until the next fiscal year.

"We have a responsibility to the families of Illinois to keep our promises and provide the services that they need." Evans said. "I believe that we must cut wasteful spending and that it's time that our legislators take responsibility for the fiscal crisis that we are in. I do not believe that the child care grants that keep our hard-working parents employed should be sacrificed because of the mismanagement in Springfield. Neglecting our debts to child care providers could have a devastating effect on families and day-care centers that depend on this program to stay open."

Evans is supporting HB 6164 which would transfer supplemental funds so that the state can continue making payments, allowing child care facilities to continue operating. The Child Care Assistance program shares costs with working parents or parents pursuing education opportunities and helps to provide healthy environments for children.

"The cost of childcare can be a heavy burden for families in low-income households to bear," Evans added. "During these tough economic times we need to provide opportunities to maintain employment and give everyone an equal opportunity to lead successful careers, regardless of economic status. Quality child care is a necessity, and this bill is what our residents need to continue on a path to economic recovery. After listening to the concerns from my constituents and parents throughout the state, I understand the urgency of the situation at hand and urge my colleagues to support this legislation."

Evans represents the 33rd District on Chicago's South Side including parts of Chicago’s 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th Wards.