Operations Assistant


Operations Assistant
Premier Trailer Leasing- Chicago, IL

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Inspection of trailers making sure they are safe as well as meeting Federal Highway Guidelines and other industry regulation compliant.

Generating customer rental agreements.

Coordinate all work needing performed on trailers with vendors as well as ensuring the work performed follows
Premiers’ policies and procedures.

Manages and reconciles all equipment inventory both out-bound and in-bound gate activity on a daily basis.

Assists in the facilitation of the transportation of equipment between branches as well as to customers and vendors.

Ensuring all customers have the proper insurance prior to renting a trailer.

Assist with Accounts Receivable collections.

Daily administrative paperwork and filing.

Assists in answering phones, responding to emails and questions from customers.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Interpersonal Skills: Ability to communicate with others in a sincere and helpful manner while simultaneously building credibility and rapport.

Conscientiousness: Ability to be responsible, dependable, and persistent and achievement oriented in completing job tasks

Customer Service: Ability to meet and/or exceed customers’ expectations regarding quality and consistency of service provided.

Decision Making Ability/Decisiveness:

Ability to make decisions quickly based on available information by taking action and staying the course of the decided action.

Safety Awareness:
Ability to follow regulations and procedures, check equipment and recognize hazards to insure personal and public safety as well as utilize all Premier Trailer Leasing issued safety equipment.

Verbal Communication Skills:
Ability to express/present ideas or information through the use of the spoken word via telephone or face-to-face

Written Communication Skills:
Able to express ideas clearly in documents that have basic organization structure and grammar.

Problem Solving/Diagnosis Skills:
Ability to examine all possible problems by collecting evidence and weighing factual information.

Mechanical Aptitudes: Working knowledge of basic mechanical principles, operations and functioning.

Preferred: BA degree or 2 years' experience in trailer leasing industry.

Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, self-starter, sense of urgency, personable and organized.

When needed physically inspect trailers inside and out. (Must get in the trailer as well as underneath the trailer.)

Walking up and down flights of stairs as needed as well as continually walking the yard.

TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suites - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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