Junior Compliance Officer


Junior Compliance Officer
Amyx Inc. - Chicago, IL

Amyx is seeking to hire 16 Junior Compliance Officers. Two (2) for each of the following locations; Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Newark.

This position will be supporting the immigration and Customs Enforcement I9 Support Service Contract.

Responsibilities and Daily Tasks:

a. Responsible for receiving, inputting and evaluating data.

b. Utilize DHS databases to run queries, prepare reports, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and conduct research.

c. Conduct Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) audits that may be both administrative and criminal in nature, and maintain evidence utilized to assess administrative fines or to support criminal prosecutions.

d. Prepare audit reports and associated administrative fine paperwork to support the issuance of Notices of Intent to Fine, Final Orders, Warning Notices and other related documentation for HSI audits related to the employment eligibility verification process.

e. Complete Reports of Investigation in the HSI case management system detailing all audit findings and actions, to include factual reports that identify instances of noncompliance with immigration laws and regulations, inefficient operations and improper or unlawful employment practices.

f. Perform other audit duties as assigned and deemed necessary to execute the interior enforcement strategy of HSI as it relates to worksite enforcement.

Supported Technologies:

Assorted DHS and Federated data sources

Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) is preferred but the minimum educational requirement is an Associates Level degree.

Education is preferred to be in Business, Accounting, Finance, Information Systems or a similar field.

Candidates with Bachelor’s degrees should have 1 year of professional experience performing the basic junior level tasks identified in this work statement and candidates with Associate Level degrees should have 3 years professional experience performing the basic junior level tasks.

Contractors shall have proven technical abilities and experience.

All contract employees will be required to have/undergo a Tier 4 (High Risk Public Trust) investigative vetting to access Law Enforcement Data Base information.

All contractor fitness determinations are done in accordance with the DHS/ICE Personnel Security protocol.

More information can be found below under the Security
Language for Sensitive/But Unclassified Contracts.

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