Program Manager


Program Manager, Substance Use Harm Prevention
National Safety Council- Itasca, IL

Reporting to the Director of Home and Community Injury Prevention, the Program Manager, Substance Use Harm Prevention assists with the development and execution of injury prevention programs addressing substance use as a key risk factor.

Activities include policy change initiatives, public education, outreach and other behavior change activities to reduce injuries and fatalities associated with NSC’s strategies and initiatives.

The individual serves as a subject matter expert, building strong relationships within the injury prevention community, among state and federal government leaders and NSC members, demonstrating individual and organizational competence in injury prevention and advocacy and successfully delivering all of the requirements associated with each project.

Requisite Technical Expertise

Knowledgeable about various techniques, strategies, theories and best practices related to injury prevention, community safety promotion and workplace safety management systems.

Familiarity with substance use as a risk factor for injuries

Knowledgeable about substance misuse including best practice strategies for prevention, identification, treatment and recovery.

Able to effect change to generate greatest impact through policy, enforcement, advocacy, education and other injury prevention strategies.

Develops and executes strategies to widely disseminate strategic communications to target audiences.

Builds portfolio of knowledge about evaluated, evidence-based strategies and programs that show success in reducing injuries and fatalities and changing human and organizational behavior.

Tracks new, promising practices and ensures evaluations of them. Evaluates the validity and reliability of scientific studies.

Writes articles, white papers or similar outreach documents for print or online publication

Independently designs presentations and written material with clear logic flow, in a precise, persuasive and audience-appropriate way.

Represents and speaks publically on behalf of the organization at conferences and in scientific publications.

Tracks emerging technologies and other developments in industries that can affect community and workplace safety.

Advises staff regarding use of this knowledge in Council communications and products.

Acts as technical reviewer for NSC public education materials, products, programs, web site, grant projects, news releases and other internal and external public announcements.

Provides research-based resources and evidence-based best practices to product developers.

Policy Execution

In collaboration with the Government Affairs team, researches and compiles data facts and creates policy proposals based on data.

Provides oversight, leadership and counsel to all policy development and execution for their initiative, department or function.

Stays informed of trends related to policy changes and makes necessary changes to policies in a timely fashion.

Communicates policy changes to all staff and stakeholders, provides policy interpretation as needed.

Knows public policy, issues, legislature and regulatory influences, as well as scientific research, and reports the most effective strategies to address the issues.

Provides employee training and/or development to ensure policy is understood and followed.

Strategic Thinking

Understands, develops and communicates the “big picture” of what the area is trying to do and how it fits into and furthers the whole organization.

Takes actions, make decisions, and shapes team or group priorities to reflect the organization’s vision and values.

Includes others in the decision-making process as warranted to obtain good information, makes the most appropriate decisions, and ensures buy-in and
understanding of the resulting decisions.

Ensures strategies are carried out;

Monitors results and makes adjustments as needed.

Deals effectively with complex issues and can strategize long-term plans as well as short-term milestones.

Recommends and assists with the development and implementation of a strategy for the Council to achieve its key goals and objectives using analytical and
intuitive capabilities.

Creates competitive-advantage plans with new ideas, latest technologies or creative solutions.

Consistently contributes new ideas for advocacy and business unit efforts that will improve and enhance the success of the mission.

Collaborates organizationally to share strategic ideas in order to prepare for an enterprise-wide strategic initiative.

Team and Coalition Leadership

Promotes the creation of shared mission, vision, and values, and uses those principles to guide team and coalition actions.

Builds rapport by listening, discussing and negotiating. Is rewarding, encouraging, and motivating.

Addresses issues in an open, constructive, professional manner, and persuades others to approach issues in the same manner.

Proactive, open and direct communicator who engages comfortably with all stakeholders to focus strategy and action around what is best for the mission of safety.

Seeks and considers ideas from those who are reluctant to express their points of view.

Anticipates and recognizes the concerns of others, even if those concerns are not openly expressed.

Regularly exhibits creativity and flexibility in resolving stakeholder issues.

Communicates across the organization to inform, engage, and motivate employees at all levels.

Shows dedication in completing the work that must be done.

Relationship Management

Evidence of ability to identify, evaluate and reach out to potential strategic partners, leading scientists, specialists, authors and organizations studying particular issues

Serves as liaison to local, state and national government agencies, community safety and injury prevention organizations

Ability to build relationships and manage projects across the organization and among external program stakeholders

Supports and encourages an environment that appreciates the diversity of employees’ and stakeholders’ styles, opinions and perspectives

Has flexible meeting style, works to build consensus
Project Management

Successful experience managing multiple complex projects simultaneously

Proven ability to manage projects and teams from start to finish with minimal oversight

Anticipates and heads off obstacles

Business/Financial Acumen

Works with Director to participate in setting budget, possesses solid ideas regarding resources and how to creatively accomplish goals

Understands the budget process and the need to control spending within approved constraints

Understands organization budget, overall revenue goals and strategies of the organization.

B.A. or B.S. degree from a four-year college or university in safety or health education with a focus on injury prevention, public health, science, public policy, risk management, information management, business administration, communications, or related discipline or equivalent work experience.

A focus on substance use, specifically opioids is a big plus but not required.

Masters’ degree in Public Health or equivalent knowledge and experience.


Proven ability to communicate to small and large groups in a persuasive and compelling way.

Proven ability to write technical articles, research findings, white papers and funding proposals.

Proven ability to conduct internet research, analyze, interpret and communicate findings and recommendations.

Proven ability to develop outreach activities to identified audiences.

Utilizes excellent leadership skills to engage diverse stakeholders and achieve desired results.

Proven ability to manage and execute multiple complex projects and teams to achieve desired behavior change and injury reduction.

Proven flexibility in a reasonably fast-paced and constantly changing environment.

Demonstrates good judgment, decision-making skills with an ability to relate effectively with internal and external stakeholders and customers.

Fully proficient and experienced in latest version of Microsoft Office Environment (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Minimum Work Experience:

Three to five years professional experience

Successful experience in program management and implementation related to safety and health programs and initiatives.

Demonstrated ability to analyze, interpret, and report findings and recommendations.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or protected veteran status, and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

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